The Risk-Taking Manifesto

Aaron Swartz, to whose memory Aaron Bale's Risk-Taking Manifesto is dedicated. 
The Risk-Taking Manifesto
by Aaron Bale

Note: This beautiful poetic essay was sent to me by my beloved friend, Aaron Bale.  Aaron Bale worked with Aaron Swartz on his campaign to stop the passage of SOPA and PIPA.  Aaron has often encouraged me to bypass any fears to move on with doing good.   May this encourage you, also. 

The Risk-Taking Manifesto

what a powerful four lettered word. what for example could possibly be said call me frantic mean fearing for the safety of his children or his passengers for his soldiers. we are inspired and naturally gravitate towards helping people protect their loved ones.  Fear binds us to one another. Fear shows us what we are truly capable of.

it turns out that the only thing more powerful than fear is love. the secret to courage isn't feeling fearlessness. the secret is feeling love and protecting it with everything you are truly capable of. otherwise it's just empty recklessness.

I take huge risks to protect myself from losing what I love most to the recklessness of others. I Embrace my fear. I Embrace my love. This is how I find the courage to fight for my brothers and my people. 

How many more Aarons need to die before we take huge risks to fight for what we love most? I won't stop fighting until victory or death. I want my funeral postponed until the work of my blackout brothers is finished. Do not mourn me. That is not a luxury you have until the war is over. 

I am the least of the blackout brothers and I'll never be able to replace them. If by some off chance i have ever managed to touched your heart, if i have ever inspired you to fight harder, if i have ever challenged you to think twice, If i have ever brought any value to you, your family or your freedom, then I beg you on Aaron's behalf, please take huge risks to protect yourself from losing what you love most by finishing his work.

It's far from anything to brag about, but here is the best attempt to finish my brothers blackout -

I tried my best,
Aaron "Remington" Bale
Sorry Aaron.